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To commemorate pride and in partnership with & Other Stories In & Out is an audio/video installation that captures the evolution of multi-generational LGBTQ individuals’ feelings whilst embracing their identity and culture. They reflect on their feelings before coming out and the new mantras and perspectives that were embraced to live their truth. The multigenerational subjects allow us to see the evolution of societal & self acceptance from being closeted to being out.

The video installation film version was installation version of the film screened in June 2021 at & Other Stories Bryant Park store in New York City. On average, the store welcomes over 6,000 guests a day. 

The film is currently available for fall '2021 film festival screenings.

Director: Eden Alexis Martinez

Producer: Danielle S. Mooney

Director of Photography: Sofia Monzerrat

Gaffer: Zaviar Shah

Original Score & Mix: Split Milk Sounds

Featuring: Bradley Chambers, Benjamin Knight, Jonathan Berg, Wanda Sanchez and Eden A. Martinez

This film was commissioned by Zeiss Camera Lenses Americas using Zeiss' latest Milvus lenses.


Monikka Velvet tattooed me in summer 2020 and I was blown away by her artistry, passion and focus. Watching Monikka and her wife Alex work reminded me of the beauty of doing work that you love and inspired me to make that a priority for the year and I was eager to capture Monikka’s story. 


High Hope is a queer female owned shop based in Brooklyn, New York


Director/DoP: Eden Alexis Martinez 

Gaffer & Cam Op: John Rossi

Original Score & Mix: Spilt Milk Sounds

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