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To commemorate pride and in partnership with & Other Stories In & Out is an audio/video installation that captures the evolution of multi-generational LGBTQ individuals’ feelings whilst embracing their identity and culture. They reflect on their feelings before coming out and the new mantras and perspectives that were embraced to live their truth. The multigenerational subjects allow us to see the evolution of societal & self acceptance from being closeted to being out.

The installation is available for viewing June 10-June 30, 2021 at & Other Stories located on  505 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017.

The Tattoo, A Yearbook document's Brooklyn based tattoo artist Monikka Velvet. Velvet is a New York based artist that specializes in fine line, black and gray realism tattoos. Last summer Monikka tattooed me and I was inspired by her artistry, passion, and attitude. She was the first women/POC/Lesbian tattoo artist i'd ever encountered. I was captivated by how she lived her life her life and took pride in every aspect of her identity. This documentary short aims to inspire others of underrepresented communities to pursue their own dreams. 

This film was commisioned by Zeiss Lenses America.

Of Then & Now is video art created in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. Like many, I sought to research the history of racism and injustice that permeates American society and unearth my unconcious bias. The piece was intended to be a form of protest art and was shared on social media to drive conversation around the idea that our past and present realities are not as evolved as we may think. Personally, the film created an opportunity for me to communicate and engage with those closest to me about the realities of racism in America. 

I created the story edit and visual fx. Music was created by Spilt Milk Sounds. 

Audio & Video featured: Gil Scott-Heron, Martin Luther King Jr., President Barack Obama, and Trevor Noah.

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